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Summer (July-Sept) & Fall Quarters (Oct-Dec) of 2019
Art in Hand project – Tactile Mosaic semi-permanent exhibit installation

Closing Date & Time for Proposals: Friday, June 14th, 5:00 p.m. CST

Artist-in-Residence Program Overview

The Artist-in-Residence program is an opportunity for children and families to observe, learn, and interact with a professional artist. Artist and children will share in a collaborative and open-ended process of creating an artwork together to be publicly displayed in a business, organization, or community location throughout Naperville and DuPage County. This enriching environment and creative arts experience provides opportunities to further a child’s understanding and appreciation of visual art; help children find the artistic potential in unlikely materials; and engage children in the joy and freedom of self-expression, discovery, and imagination.

Artist-in-Residence Program Goals

  • Create a semi-permanent (7-10 years) tactile mosaic(s) for use in our Young Explorer’s exhibit area(s), focused on children 24 months and under and their adult caregivers.
  • Create temporary/portable final pieces that can be displayed in multiple locations.
  • Enhance the role of the Museum as a center of artistic  investigation for children, families, and the community.
  • Provide new avenues of art exploration for the Museum’s visitors and members.
  • Connect young children to the power of art-making and art as an expression of identity, experience, and collaboration.

Artist-in-Residence Location

The Artist-in-Residence working space is located in The Studio. Layout of work area will be determined by project scope.

The Studio offers daily walk-in hours for DCM’s visitors to explore art through open-ended creative processes that incorporate art, math, and science, and provides opportunities for visitors to participate in collaborative community installations.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Museum: https://dupagechildrens.org/visit/virtual-tour/

Call for Artists

The Artist-in-Residence program is open to professional artists:

  • Locally based in DuPage County, Chicagoland area, any Illinois resident.
  • Working in a variety of media including, but not limited to: painting, sculpture, clay, textiles, paint, mixed-media, printmaking, and illustration. Desired qualification: Eco-friendly focus, artist incorporates sustainability practices into process.
  • Who have experience working with the public and teaching or creating art with early childhood/elementary populations – specifically those age birth to ten years old.
  • Who enjoy working with young children; children with disabilities; and children from diverse cultural, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Who have publicly displayed past artwork.

Summary of Artist Commitments

  • Be at the Museum a total of 130 hours. 100 hours working with families in the Studio; this includes weekend days and some evening hours for special events.  (minimum 12 hours per week over the course of three months)
  • Studio hours to include artist’s collaboration with children and the art-making process, answer visitor questions, and artist personal working time on project where visitors can view project being worked on.
  • Contribute to a bi-weekly DCM Artist-in-Residence blog that includes recaps of work-in-progress, photos, and video.
  • Collaborate with DCM’s Senior Marketing Manager to promote the project and provide tutorials on art-based projects through social media, and further the learning partnership between children and their adult caregivers.
  • Share Artist-in-Residence work-in-progress through personal marketing channels: social media, website, and print.
  • Participate and/or advise in the installation of the finished artwork at recipient’s location.
  • Remain available and/or accessible for troubleshooting or repairs (if needed) on finished residency artwork.
  • Complete a post-residency interview and survey.

What the Residency Offers You

  • Access to the Museum during normal hours of operation
  • Roughly 150 sq. ft. working space
  • $7000 honorarium, $1000 stipend for supplies
  • An opportunity to create a public artwork through the collaborative process working with children.

Proposal Requirements

Contact Number:
Website/Social Media Pages:
Artistic Medium:

Proposal must include:

  • Letter of Interest (one page maximum). Provide details about why you are interested in working with DuPage Children’s Museum, its site, and community of children and adults.
  • Resume or curriculum vitae (include experience working with children 0-10 and/or families)
  • A 1-2-page narrative description presenting the idea/concept for the final artwork. Explanation of what the artist would like to investigate and collaborate on with children, and how your project will engage directly with our daily visitors, in Studio and Artist-in-Residence blog.
  • A one-page outline/overview of time frames, what happens weekly, what is accomplished monthly, etc.
  • Artist work samples and proposal images (maximum 5 hi-res images)
  • A draft budget for project expenses (not to exceed $1000)
  • Copy of General Liability Insurance, limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence with a $2,000,000 general aggregate.
  • Request to be added as an “Additional Insured” on artist’s general liability policy

Proposals selected for further consideration will be asked to submit detailed project budget and be scheduled for an interview.

Application Submission Instructions

Completed applications must be submitted via email. Work samples must also be submitted electronically, via email, Dropbox, and/or Google drive. No paper applications accepted.

Submit completed application by Friday, June 14, 2019, 5:00 p.m. to:

Dustin Thacker, Arts & Maker Specialist, DuPage Children’s Museum

The Selection Process

Artist will be selected by an Artist-in-Residence Advisory Committee organized by DuPage Children’s Museum. Decisions are based on artistic merit; proven experience working with children and families; and proposed project or ideas and how they relate to the themes of art, culture, community, identity, family, and communication. The Museum encourages creativity; however, work must not require heavy machinery or major construction. All artists will be notified after the selection process is complete. DuPage Children’s Museum reserves the right to interview candidates and observe instruction before making a decision.

Note: Due to the sensitivity and requirements of working with children, artists selected will need to submit information for a clean background/criminal check prior to their residency.

Timeline for proposal acceptance:
June 19th, 2019: Finalists contacted
June 20-26, 2019: Interviews and teaching demonstrations
June 28, 2019: Artists announced
July 15, 2019: Summer ‘19 Quarter artist start date
Oct 1, 2019: Fall ‘19 Quarter Artist start date

Contacts for Questions

Accepting questions for clarification on proposals and scope of the Artist-in-Residence Program May 1 – 31, 2019.

Send to: Dustin Thacker, Arts & Maker Specialist