Connie Andrews: Bringing Him To Life
Connie Andrews: Bringing Him To Life
James Burnham: Three Red Barns
James Burnham: Three Red Barns
Lawrence Keach: Untitled
Lawrence Keach: Untitled
Chris Kukla: Rattlespheres
Chris Kukla: Rattlespheres
People’s Choice- Greg DePauw: Cool Wave Jazz
People’s Choice- Greg DePauw: Cool Wave Jazz
People’s Choice- Linda Webb: Migrating Monarchs
People’s Choice- Linda Webb: Migrating Monarchs
Dana Baldwin: Dreams Unwind
Dana Baldwin: Dreams Unwind
Craig Stocks: Scene Seen On C Street
Craig Stocks: Scene Seen on C Street
Rick Melby: Untitled
Rick Melby: Untitled
Orion Richey: Primal Spirals, Gold Hand And Moon Dust
Orion Richey: Primal Spirals, Gold Hand and Moon Dust
Timothy Griffith: Who’s Zooming Who
Timothy Griffith: Who’s Zooming Who
Melanie Teresa Bohrer: Waiting And Noise
Melanie Teresa Bohrer: waiting and noise
Jessica Peterson: A Windy Day
Jessica Peterson: A Windy Day
Merrell Hickey: Beaded Tapestry
Merrell Hickey: Beaded Tapestry
People’s Choice- Marina Wirtz: Reflection
People’s Choice- Marina Wirtz: Reflection

1. What is ArtPop’s mission?

ArtPop’s mission is to promote local artists work through available media space.

2. How did ArtPop get its name?

ArtPop= Art + Public Outdoor Project.  Out of Home media is typically referred to as OOH or Outdoor Advertising

3. How do I learn more about ArtPop?

More information can be found on the website at

Also check out ArtPop on social media:

Twitter:  @ArtPopStreetGal

Instagram:  ArtPopStreetGallery

Facebook:  ArtPop

The hashtag #ArtPop should not be used.  Please include the city with the hashtag (ex: #ArtPopCLT, ArtPopPeoria) #ArtPopStreetGallery or #APSG

4. How was ArtPop founded?

ArtPop is the brainchild of Wendy L. Hickey of Charlotte, NC.  The first official ArtPop program started in January of 2014 in Charlotte, NC.  The idea came to Wendy as she was serving on the Board of Directors for a local arts council in 2002.  She realized she could use her career in selling billboard advertising to help local artists by displaying their art on available billboard space. Prior to being named ArtPop, Wendy had versions of the program in PA, MI and IL as early as 2002. The program has since expanded from billboards to include bus sides and urban news racks.

5. Is ArtPop in cities other than Charlotte, NC?

ArtPop is currently in the following cities:

Charlotte, NC
Peoria, IL
Lehigh Valley PA
Pocono, PA
Beaufort, SC
Winston Salem, NC
Norfolk, VA
Las Vegas, NV
Tampa, FL
Central, FL (Orlando area)
Lakeland, FL

6. Are there plans to grow ArtPop to more cities?

ArtPop has a goal of adding 5 more cities in 2017.

7. How do artists get their work into the ArtPop program?

Every year, each ArtPop city will have a call for submissions which will be open to artists 18 years of age and older who live in a participating city. Artists must be able to verify the submission is their original work with no exceptions and provide it in a high res printable version for OOH media.  At the end of the artists call, a panel of judges from each local community will determine the winners for the coming year.

ArtsPartners of Central Illinois is proud to announce a call for entries to artists for the third annual ArtPop Peoria. ArtPop Peoria puts the work of local artists on Adams Outdoor 48’ x 14’ billboards that are seen by thousands of local residents. This is a value of nearly $15,000 in free advertising. In addition, winning artists will be featured at CIAO First Friday at The Studios on Sheridan gallery and on the ArtsPartners website.

How to Enter

  • To submit your work for consideration, please access: Call for Entry
  • Submit by: The 2017 Call is now closed
  • Must be 18 or older
  • There is a $20 fee to submit up to 3 pieces. Artists must be able to supply a digital image of their work meeting the following requirements.  All production costs will be borne by the project.
  • Your artwork must fit the billboard proportions. Images submitted with incorrect proportions will not be accepted.

Here’s a short video tutorial on the above steps:

Important Dates

  • Submissions deadline is February 28, 2017.
  • People’s Choice Winner and the public announcement of the four artists selected by the jury will be announced at a reveal party in May.
  • Winning artists work will be displayed from June 2017-June 2018 on billboards, with locations circulating throughout the region.

Judging and People’s Choice

  • A jury will select four winning artists and a small pool of contestants from which the public will vote for one artist to receive a People’s Choice Award.
  • The People’s Choice award will be given to the artist who receives the most of number of votes from the public.
  • Winners will be announced at a Reveal Party in May.

Winning Artists Requirements

Winning artists must provide production work that fits the requirements of a 14’ x 48’ billboard.

  • 24.333” w x 6.333” h @300 dpi (7300×1900 pixels)
  • JPEG
  • 300 dpi
  • CMYK

If the work is not already to scale, Adams Outdoor Advertising has the right to manipulate the image to comply with production specifications. Artwork that does not meet the specification requirements will not be considered.

Billboards will rotate upon available locations in the market.  There are no guarantees on billboard locations or the period of time an image will be at a specific location.

ArtPop Peoria is an ArtsPartners of Central Illinois initiative. This is our second annual event and we are seeking to display art from local artists that is appropriate for public viewing. The art will be rotated on Adams Outdoor billboards for one year in various locations throughout the Peoria area.

Find out where you can see the ArtPop Billboards! As the billboards are placed wherever there is an empty billboard, their locations will change from time to time with no warning to us. We will do our best to keep this map as up to date as possible.

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