Chloe McEldowney

Medium: Oil on panel


A native of the very small town of Russia, Ohio, Chloe’s time growing up was spent climbing trees, nursing lost kittens and sketching outdoors. She was imbued with a love of observing nature during her childhood on a farm – keeping her awake to the finer intricacies of the landscape and flora around her. In a home where her family was constantly shifting, taking on and losing new members, she also became inspired by the human experience early on in her life, fueling a deep passion for figurative art.

In 2014, Chloe received her BFA from the University of Dayton, concentrating on painting and printmaking. During her stay there she was awarded a Yeck College Artist Fellowship at the Dayton Arts Institute and was named a student scholar for the Dayton Printmaker’s Cooperative. Her senior year, Chloe ranked as a finalist in the Excellence in Visual Arts Awards by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio.

In 2015, Chloe moved to Peoria and became a resident artist at the Prairie Center of the Arts, enjoying a year of painting, printmaking, volunteering, and teaching. Soon after, she was awarded a residency at Access Arts in Columbia, Missouri. Chloe has exhibited art across the country, with shows in California, New England, and across the Midwest. Chloe currently has a home studio in Peoria, IL.