Dana Baldwin

Medium: Fiber
Email: designsbydana11@gmail.com
As a fiber artist, my creations are emotional expressions utilizing unconventional materials that are readily available. I look at fiber and envision a unique concept of color and design which expresses freedom and beauty.
Imperfection or irony provides the springboard for most of my creations.  For example, “Haute Couture Rustic” is an 18th Century French Royal Court Dress created out of burlap and cotton sheets with unrefined stitching.  “Mademoiselle Fashion Ignite” is a gown knitted out of silver party curling ribbon used to wrap gifts.  The use of unconventional materials is exciting.   The one-of-a-kind sweater coats allow me to dismantle traditional sweaters and reconstruct unique creations.
My work constantly changes but one fact remains.  It always straddles the dividing line between adornment and sculpture.