Don Forrest

Medium: Photography

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Don Forrest lives in Elmwood with his wife Michelle, and is the proud father of two, grown daughters. Born and raised in Yates City, IL, later in college he studied first geography specializing in GIS technology in its earliest days. In graduate school, he studied American history, specifically US Constitutional history. For over two decades, he has served as Business Development Manager at Farnsworth Group, a full service engineering and architecture firm located in Peoria’s Warehouse District. He has also been actively involved in with many community organizations throughout the area including the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council, the Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce, the Elmwood Community Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Workforce Development, the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, and a number of others.

As a lifelong musician, playing with a camera was an comfortable artistic transition. Not unlike blues music, he finds photography improvisational, spontaneous, and lucky. Little is planned, and photographic opportunities tend to just present themselves. No deep messages, and no intent. Just happy coincidence that something interesting happens to catch his eye . . . and ends up in front of camera.

And he’s addicted to golf.