Greg DePauw

Medium: Mixed Media on Wood, Intarsia

Greg DePauw was born into a family of artists. His dream of following their lead was abruptly altered in 1974 when he attempted a triple flip on the trampoline in his backyard. Landing on his neck, he became a quadriplegic. Determined to draw again, he was assisted by his father who made a device for him to draw with his mouth. In rehabilitation, he slowly regained some use of his hands and began painting. Energized with a new respect for life and independence, he went off to college, graduating with a degree in art education and in painting. His work is in numerous collections, including the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City. A professional artist for over 30 years, DePauw is the founder and executive director of the Art Rod Foundation, a non-profit educational organization. ( Always looking to break down barriers, he says, “It’s what you do with your disability that defines you.” Sadly, Greg passed away on March 27, 2017.