ArtPop Peoria Artist James Burnham

James Burnham

Medium: Photography



Jim’s penchant for photography was infused at a young age by his father, who used to take him on the back of his motorcycle through the backroads of Leelanau County, Michigan, on a quest for the perfect landscape. He has been shooting a wide variety of subjects for over 20 years, starting with manually rolled cartridges of TMAX black and white, Velvia, and eventually digital “film.” He holds a certificate in Photography from the New York Institute of Photography and is a member of the Photographic Society of America and the Peoria Camera Club. A versatile shooter, he covers a wide variety of scenes from dramatic mountain landscapes down to animals, flowers, and insects. He is at home as much in a city as in an open prairie, shooting architecture and urban life. He is an accomplished application programmer as well, having done various work for several Fortune 100 companies in his career. He developed and manages his father’s website, which has been an ongoing photo-a-day blog for the last 15 years.