Jessica Peterson

Medium: Paint, Charcoal


Growing up in an “artsy fartsy family,” Jessica began when at the age of two, her dad put a crayon in her hand. Years later, photography became her medium, creating unusual pictures.

Jessica does many self portraits, finding it easier to execute her vision when she is the model. In 2011, a school assignment introduced Jessica to charcoal. She immediately fell in love with ‘dust painting,’ but sometimes switches over to acrylic and oil paint. While her charcoal drawings are evocative, it’s her colorful paintings that represent the carefree childhood she always wanted.

Collaborating with her mother, Anne Peterson, Jessica has illustrated five books, which include Emma’s Wish and The Crooked HouseStorylines is an art book which reflects their belief that artists’ work should be pure. In that book, Jessica created her art first, which in turn inspired Anne’s poetry. For this reason, often Jessica will do her art first, which then inspires her mother’s words.

A graduate of Illinois Central College, Jessica is presently a student of Preston Jackson at the Contemporary Art Center.