Kristina Bohan

Medium: Mixed Media

Get In Touch

Kristina Bohan is a mixed media artist who has recently started working with nontraditional canvases. Of this experimentation, the artist states, “I like the dimension and texture they give a painting.” Kristina utilizes a bright color palette – particularly avoiding the use of black and white. While the subjects of her paintings are composed of cool colors, her backgrounds remain warm – allowing the artist to achieve necessary contrast and create adequate negative space. Concerning her subject matter, Kristina chooses to focus primarily on nature and wildlife. She is particularly interested in owls and their unique personality and perspective on life. When asked why she is so fascinated by owls, Kristina replied, “I have always been fascinated with the woods and owls are the creatures who get to see it from above.” This year, Kristina is looking forward to presenting her work to a wider audience through participation in gallery shows and exhibits.