Misty Long

Medium: Glass


Get In Touch

Misty Long is a multi-media artist residing in Peoria, Illinois.  She is the Studio Manager at J Draper Glass LLC, where she assists, instructs classes, performs demonstrations, and narrates.  Misty received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Glass from Illinois State University in 2013.  She discovered glass as an elective during her studies and since then glass has been a major material in the creation of her works.

Misty’s current work tries to create a “full circle” of happiness, meaning that what she creates brings her happiness and the audience happiness.  She uses tongue-in-cheek humor, imagination, curiosity, and whimsy as vehicles of expression for her happiness quest.  She hopes that the big take away for the audience after viewing her work is an overall feeling of happiness.  Another element that is fundamental to Misty’s work is the desire to create work that pushes against the traditional ideas of fine art.  To accomplish this, she uses vending machines and faux kiosks as structures to not only present her work but also to sell as an entire piece.

Through all of her work, Misty has the desire to focus on the happy, the positive, the humor, rather than dwell on the dark, the sad, and the bad there is in our world.  She hopes that after viewing her work others can see this too.