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The Citywide Celebration of Women in the Arts (CCWA) highlights and honors the creativity of all things women in the arts in Greater Peoria. Explore this special selection of visual, performing, and literary arts events and programs during the month of November in odd numbered years.

This year, our focus is on incorporating more voices in the realm of the arts, and bringing voices to the surface that are often glossed over, or completely omitted. The histories of women of color, queer women, and unheard voices are often forgotten, and the artists often ignored. Add to that the countless forgotten women pioneers of the art world that are left out of histories in favor of the dominant culture. We invite you to join us in a celebration of all things women.

Your participation can be in the form of an art exhibition, a performance, a lecture, a program, a class, or other happening. The focus can be on the work of living artists or artists of the past; it can be an established program or something new. ArtsPartners will promote participants and their events throughout Greater Peoria as part of CCWA. In addition to listings on the ArtsPartners website and weekly happenings email, there will be print, radio and Facebook promotions.

Please register your participation details by June 30th using the form below. Thank you for helping us celebrate women in the arts!