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Something Wicked This Way Comes Auditions: Winter Season

July 14 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

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An event every day that begins at 11:00am, repeating until July 15, 2018

You are invited to audition for the first show of the 2018/2019 Winter Season!
‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ by Ray Bradbury, is a thrilling tale about Mr. Dark, who brings his traveling carnival to a small Midwestern town and grants wishes, for a price.

Director Celeste Wohl is excited to assemble a talented cast & crew.

Auditions are July 14 & 15, 2018 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Corn Stock Theatre Center, located at 1700 N Park Road, Peoria, IL 61604.

The roles available are listed below. Any youth auditioning for the roles of Will or Jim will need to stay for as much of the audition time as they can. Carnival and sideshow performers, or if you were just someone who is naturally in touch with your inner freak and want to audition to be part of the sideshow, bring your act and show us what you’ve got at 3:00 pm.

The director’s philosophy for auditions is “If you can sell it I am buying.” She cautions to disregard the film. The play is closer to the book. Each person on the stage must have stage presence.

Callbacks will be held July 22 from 1:00 to 6:00 if needed.

Show dates: October 19-21 and 26-28, 2018 at the Corn Stock Theatre Center.

Rehearsals will begin August 6, Monday through Wednesday with line patter on Thursday. This should be our schedule for the month of August.

Roles Available:

Narrator 30-70
Played by either the Lightning Rod Salesman or Mr. Halloway. Also has the job of speaking to the audience before the performance.

Lightning Rod Salesman
Male or Female 30-70
A combination of creepy/cool; larger than life. Must be able to pitch a sale the angels can hear!
(See original Twilight Zone: Episode 2 “One for the Angels” starring Ed Wynn).

Male or Female (Tomboy) =~ 14
Always looking for adventure, the riskier the better. Gregarious and can’t wait to get out of town. We are not sure what exactly is wrong in Jim’s life but something is amiss. Makes up creative stories about why dad is gone. Jim doesn’t walk through life he/she runs.

Male =~ 14
Wants to be more adventurous. A good kid, probably Jim’s only true friend. Loyal. Does not want to grow up and fears uncertainty. He worries about his Dad. He is a well rounded character. He wants to be more adventurous than he naturally is. He doesn’t know he can be brave.

Mr. Halloway
Male 45-60
Will’s dad; librarian. An amazing storyteller. Older than most dads. The script may hold the words he speaks but they must live beyond measure. He is deeply saddened that his health has prevented him from being the father he wants to be. Desperately afraid of growing too old and of death. Adores his wife. Many friends. You will be tortured on stage and have a heart attack. Not looking for a resemblance between father and son.
(See original Twilight Zone: Episode 2 “One for the Angels” starring Ed Wynn).

Mr. Tetly
Male 35+
Cigar store owner. Comes back on the stage transformed into a part of the carnival parade. Beards and sideburns welcome but not necessary.

Male 35+
Barber shop owner. Must be able to appear wistful and fearful at the same time. Comes back on the stage transformed as part of the carnival funeral parade; now a veiled dancer. Beards and sideburns welcome but not necessary.

Mr. Dark
Male 25-40
He is timeless. He is evil. Physically there are two choices: if you are comfortable not wearing a shirt for a portion of the show and having temporary tattoos. If not, we will at the very least, be drawing on your forearms and neck.
You command respect, fear and terror. You will torture 2 actors on stage and scream and contort as you die on stage. You must be able to control the stage and instill fear and seem creepy but not completely terrifying at first. At auditions you will be asked to walk across the audition stage area, without saying a word, and command the stage. You will also be asked to contort your face.

Female 30 – 70
A schoolteacher. She knows both boys. Uptight and desperately sad. She believes she was once a great beauty. She is terrified of growing old. You have to sell your fear. You must be able to show different levels of fear.

Mrs. Halloway
Female 29-35
Will’s mom. She adores her husband and doesn’t understand her husband’s sadness. She is the perfect homemaker of the period.

Jim’s Mom
Female 29-35
She is a mess. She desperately wants to hold onto Jim. Jim is all that is left of the marriage she once had. She has never gotten over losing her husband. She looks into her child’s face and sees memories of a lost love and lost family. Husband vanished or just hasn’t bothered to call.

Ice Woman
The most beautiful woman in the world. NOT skinny twiggy type. Curves are needed.

Male 35+
You are the minority partner in the soul stealing carnival. You are an evil cohort and you terrify. You die by aging rapidly but are then brought back to life in an electric chair stunt. You will be asked to contort your face at auditions as though you are dying.

Robert/Young Cooger
Male 10
You are Cooger after he has ridden the carousel backwards. You seem like a fine young man except for letting Miss Foley think that you are her nephew and stealing her jewelry.

Smalltown policeman.

Girl 8-10
Miss Foley rode the carousel backwards and is now the Girl. Must be able to cover face and sound like you are sobbing on stage, sniffle and possibly cry out briefly. You will be well acquainted with the carnival people who carry you off stage, So well acquainted that you have to promise not to laugh until you are backstage with them again.

Dust Witch
You are a mystery. Until Mr. Dark took your soul you were not evil. Doing his bidding has gotten harder through the years. You will give a man a heart attack and not quite let him die on stage, act for a brief scene with your eyes closed and have what look likes stitches drawn over your eyelids. You will be shot and catch a bullet in your teeth. You scare the audience just by your presence and they want to hide Jim and Will from you.There is some physicality associated with this role. You will be asked to cackle, whisper and laugh at auditions.

Lead Carousel Horse—————-No horses are wearing horse heads
You move gracefully. You have few lines and all are uttered sotto voce. Your costume is a black leotard, matching black yoga style pants and a funeral top hat with tails. You command the stage and the carousel. You are eerie and creepy.
You will be asked to say lines such as “are you sure? in sotto voce and as creepy as possible. You command a carousel that takes people back in time and extracts their soul or catapults them forward sometimes to their death. You have been a part of the carousel longer than Mr. Dark. You will be asked to walk across the stage area and sweep one arm gracefully ouYour carousel kills two people on stage and you are the key.

Carousel horses
6 dancers OR people who move with some grace. Please read lead carousel horse description for costume and general info. At least 3 of you will need to strike gargoyle style poses on stage. There are a few different methods we will be using for you to simulate killing people.
None of the actors ride a carousel horse. You will also whisper directly to the audience.

Mirror Maze
6-9 people: some of the carousel performers will also make up the moving mirror maze. You will be wearing Mylar on top of your leotard. You block Miss Foley and prevent her from leaving the stage and push in on her. As a group you may whisper hateful things to her.

6-9 people: you grumble and mumble to each other. Two of the townspeople may also be mirror maze people. There is flexibility here. A few of you may interact with the Dust Witch.

Carnival/Circus/ Side Show Performers
You will have a separate audition time (staring at 3 p.m.) you will be asked to demonstrate your art. I am looking for acts that will be (weather permitting) outside and inside the theater entertaining theater goers. You are NOT scary.
Inside: I am looking for people to run a shell game, fortune telling and/or palm reading and sideshow performers who are willing to perform in the lobby. Indoor performers you will interact with the public. You should have the gift of blarney.
A few of you will be needed to help make up the rather dark parade on stage. Then you can be as scary if you want.

Parents: If your child/children are cast as Girl or Robert/Young Cooger you will have a separate and lighter rehearsal schedule. They will be required for the last three weeks


July 14
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Corn Stock


Corn Stock
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Peoria, IL 61604 United States
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