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Before adding your event to our calendar, please check the following:
  • Make sure your event is not already on the calendar- we get lots of duplicates!
  • If it is already there and you need to make a change, email admin2@artspartners.net with the changes.
  • Make your event title as short as possible. Refrain from putting your organization in the title, there is a spot to put your organization and we will delete it out to make titles shorter.
  • Make sure you have the correct dates and times
  • Events with an event image get more visibility
  • Keep descriptions short and use the "event website" area to point visitors to a place where they can get more information if they would like.
  • The "Event Cost" area will not accept text. If you have multiple price points (ex. adults- $15, students- $10) please put that information in the event description area and put a price range in the cost area (ex. 10-15).
  • Events are approved on Monday and Tuesday mornings, you won′t see your submitted event until that time.

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