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We are so excited that you want to participate in Ignite Peoria 2019! To register, click on the button below to be taken to the registration form. Some things to note:

  1. This year’s form combines booths – so Creation Stations and Midwest MakerFest participants will fill out the same portion and we will place you in either of the sections.
  2. We’ve added Workshops to the form, if you’d like to have a workshop at Ignite you’ll need to have a title for your workshop and a brief description.
  3. We’ve added the ability to order t-shirts ahead of time and pay for them online. So be sure to see if anyone in your group wants to purchase one and what size they are.
  4. You’ll have the ability to save your form and continue to fill it out at a later time. An email with a link will be sent to the contact email on the form. If you misplace the link, email admin2@artspartners.net and we will email you the link.