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Peoria Kids are Superheroes

Our goal is to work as a team to provide hope, support and strength. As a group of professional artist coming together with one common goal, to create a genuine and unique experience, we are transforming super humans into super heroes. We wish to empower those who combat and overcome various trials and tribulations in life. In this action we are manifesting the inner strength and inner super human powers that will stay with each one through their journey. It is in this we will provoke a magical moment to last through time.

Our focus is on everyday heroes fighting against the odds. From children and young adults who are handicapped ~ to the mentors in our community, we are celebrating diversity and a common bond.

Our mission is so that each child may walk upon this earth knowing anything is possible, by acknowledging his or her strengths. We are joining forces to provide a truly memorable and empowering experience for children in need who have yet to see how powerful they truly are. Professional photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and costume designers will come together and incorporate their talents to provide a dynamic experience, while preparing each individual for his or her own photo shoot.

A banquet will follow in a few weeks afterwards with a presentation and unveiling of posters presented to the kids.

If you know of any super child between the ages of 7 and 13 who would be interested in this transformational project, please forward a copy of this letter and ask them to contact Heather at the phone # below.

Heather Royer Mileur, Secretary/Treasurer: 309-214-4645